Company Structure


Head office of the EWT Group is the EWT Truck & Trailer Handels GmbH in Kitzbühel / Austria, whose corporate business is to act as General Representative for Schmitz Cargobull AG in Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The EWT Truck & Trailer Handels GmbH is a shareholder in the Schmitz Cargobull and Mercedes-Benz representations in Poland and the Czech Republic. In addition to the strategic control of the subsidiary companies, contract administration is handled centrally in Kitzbühel for the entire trailer division.

Schmitz Cargobull transport solutions have been marketed in Poland by the subsidiary firm of EWT Truck & Trailer Polska Sp. z o.o. which was founded in 1998. The expansion of the product line to include Mercedes-Benz utility vehicles occured through the take-over of the Polish company Diesel Truck Sp. z o.o. in year 2000. Innovative comprehensive service centers were set up in 2006 and 2011 with the Truck & Trailer Centers in Ołtarzew and Stryków. In 2012 a used vehicle center was established with a direct link to the Truck & Trailer Center in Stryków. In 2013 EWT opened a service center in Gliwice and Siedlce. The Czech truck & trailer industry is served by the firms EWT spol. s r.o. and Hoffmann & Žižák spol. s r.o. at the locations in Brandýs nad Labem near Prague and Liberec.

In Slovakia the Schmitz Cargobull products are marketed by the sales partner CET – Central European Trailer. In this regard the Trailer Center Senec near Bratislava was opened in year 2006.