Company History


  • Founding of EWT GmbH in Altenberge (DE), EWT spol. s r.o. (CZ) and Hoffmann & Žižák spol. s r.o. (CZ)
  • Signing of dealer agreement between Schmitz Cargobull and EWT for CZ, PL and SK
  • Signing of dealer agreement between Mercedes and Hoffmann & Žižák


  • Opening of the 1st Mercedes-Benz workshop & showroom in Mlada Boleslav (CZ)


  • Set up and opening of the location in Brandýs near Prague (CZ)
  • Founding of the EWT Polska Sp. z o.o. in Stettin (PL)


  • Negotiations and then completion of the take-over of Diesel Truck Sp. z o.o in Ołtarzew near Warsaw (PL)


  • Beginning of operations at Diesel Truck by EWT


Purchase of property for the Trailer Center in Ołtarzew near Warsaw (PL)


  • Purchase and opening of the car dealership in Liberec (CZ)


  • Opening of the sales and service business at the Liberec facility (CZ)
  • Founding of Cargobull Finance Polska Sp. z o.o. (Joint Venture)


  • Set up and opening of the Ołtarzew Trailer Center near Warsaw (PL)
  • Set up and opening of the Trailer Center Senec near Bratislava by our partner CET (SK)
  • Expansion of the Brandýs Truck & Trailer Center by adding a new replacement part “Support Warehouse” for CZ
  • Purchase of a 16.6 hectare site in Stryków near Łódź for building a Truck & Trailer Center with centralized pre-owned vehicle center in Poland


  • Start up of the CTC Ołtarzew near Warsaw in February (PL)
  • Completion of the truck workshop in Liberec (CZ)
  • Start up of the CTC Senec by CET (SK)
  • Purchase of property in Lipnik/Moravia (CZ)


  • Purchase of a 5.3 hectare industrial property at the A1/A4 motorway intersection at Gliwice, Silesia (PL) for creating a Truck & Trailer Center


  • Building the new Truck & Trailer Center in Stryków near Łódź (PL)


  • Opening the new Truck & Trailer Center in Stryków near Łódź (PL)


  • Purchase of an additional 16 hectare property in Stryków for the pre-owned vehicle business
  • Founding of the Truck & Trailer Store Polska in Stryków near Łódź (PL) – Pre-owned Vehicle Center for utility vehicles and semi-trailers


  • Expansion of the centers Gliwice and Siedlce (PL)