The EWT Group


With the transport solutions of Schmitz Cargobull – Europe’s largest manufacturer of trailers and semi-trailers – and the premium commercial vehicles from market leader Mercedes-Benz, the EWT Group offers innovative transport solutions for demanding clients. Since the founding of the Group in 1995 the business approach has been governed by the key factors of “Innovation & Service”. From the opening of modern maintenance centers in Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, down to the steady expansion of the areacovering service network. The more than 500 employees provide the essential contribution to EWT‘s success and ensure customers a professional and optimum service. The EWT Group has thus always emphasized comprehensive training and continuing education opportunities.

The demands on the transport industry are ever increasing due to the growing and accelerating flow of commercial products in conjunction with increasing price pressures. Shippers and logistics companies are daily facing increasing challenges for maintaining customer satisfaction.

Maximum flexibility, quality and the availability of the trailer, on-road readiness, minimum downtimes as well as a fixed calculation basis are the major focus. This requires innovative transport solutions to meet the necessities and requirements of the transport and logistics industry. Therefor the EWT Group can provide tailor-made solutions which cover besides financing, insurance and temporary usage concepts – for example, to meet peak seasonal demands – also full-service products with mobility guarantee and the sale of new and used vehicles.

Sustainability and environment are very important to the EWT Group. For example all workshops meet the strictest environmental standards with recycling concepts. The EWT Group offers, moreover, with its TTS-Truck & Trailer Store in Poland a large used vehicle center for utility vehicles and trailers of all brands.

With the expansion of the existing sites and the opening of new locations in Central & Eastern Europe the EWT Group will ensure to guarantee the optimum solution for any transport need.